Stay up to date and unlock the full potential of G Suite

As more people in your institution start using G Suite, new opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and productivity become possible. Help teachers and administrators dive deeper into G Suite, connect with a broader community, and keep up with the latest product enhancements.

Empower educators and G Suite administrators

Connect educators and administrators with the training they need to be successful. Professional development and training programs are available in-person or online, led by an expert or self-guided, to help everyone get the most out of G Suite.

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Do even more with G Suite for Education

After your initial rollout, G Suite makes it easy to level up by activating more options, adding new users, and upgrading tools and services. Contact a G Suite specialist for help understanding your options and taking the next step.

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Save time grading and provide feedback that counts with Assignments

Quickly and securely create, analyze, and grade coursework, while helping students learn more effectively. Compatible with any learning management system (LMS), Assignments is part of G Suite for Education — just sign up for the beta to get started.

Tap into more tools and services

G Suite tools are powerful on their own, but they work even better together. Get the most integration, efficiency, and productivity by activating more services.

Connect everyone on campus and beyond

From individual new hires to entire departments, adding user accounts to G Suite is easy. Get your whole institution in sync and on the same platform.

Add enterprise-grade capabilities

G Suite Enterprise for Education includes upgraded communication tools, advanced admin controls, and enhanced analytics and security.

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Get involved and keep learning

Connect with the global community of G Suite users, administrators, and experts for inspiration, support, and G Suite news and events.

What’s new in G Suite

Watch demo videos and subscribe to the blog get the latest updates for G Suite administrators.

G Suite Learning Center

Find training guides, answers to common questions, and other useful G Suite resources like the Transformation Gallery, where you can find ideas for getting the most out of G Suite.

G Suite admin community

Share and learn best practices and technical tips, and get exclusive access the G Suite for Education confidential product roadmap.

Education OnAir webinars

Attend webinars and digital events to learn about new tools and ideas from Google for Education experts, partners, and users.

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